Own products

At Getronics we have developed a series of custom software products focused on the total optimisation of hospitals, public centres and organisations from different sectors such as public administration or the social healthcare sector, providing comprehensive solutions fully connected with the other applications included in the technological ecosystems of our customers.

  • WebHospital

    WebHospital is a comprehensive management application that allows maximum optimisation of hospital resources and improvement in the quality of care. It has flexible architecture which is adaptable to any organisation, from outpatient clinics to groups of hospitals with a full range of services and healthcare areas. It is particularly aimed at private centres covering the complexity of managing the various agreements based on the different customer types (private patients, companies, mutual health organisations, public health services etc.). It covers the various global processes:

    • Procurement process and warehouse management, distributing the material in detail to all care units.
    • Clinical history and care process for all areas, articulated through the patient’s movements
    • Billing process, allocation and management of all economic activity and material in a transparent manner throughout the care process. In technological terms, it has client-server architecture and the current evolution to web architecture.

    We list the fully integrated modules which make up the solution in the same tool: Admission, Waiting List, Hospital, Emergency Room, Operating Room, treatment, Rehabilitation, Day Hospital, Consultations (General Specialities, Radiology, Pathology, Laboratory), File and Coding, Electronic Medical Records, Billing (Accounts, Billing, Collections, Medical Fees, Costs, Accounting Link), Warehouse, Pharmacy (Single Dose) and Clinical Records.
    To cover the remaining areas within global processes, integrations are available with different applications (central, departmental and external) and machines, following the usual standards like HL7 or specific adaptable developments.

  • Tiworks

    This is the administration suite (TiWorks) that allows the implementation of solutions for the management, control and electronic monitoring of business processes, covering the entire life cycle.
    The suite includes the following components:

    • Website: allows the deployment of Websites under Law 11/2007.
    • Workflow Engine (TiFlows) manages the life cycle of processes and enables interoperability with external systems.
    • Dossier or Procedures Manager (TiProceeding): allows users to interact with the flow managed by the workflow.
    • Electronic Invoicing (eFactura): electronic reception and management of invoices in Facturae format.
    • Electronic Tendering (eLicita): comprehensive electronic management of public procurement processes.
    • Signature Platform and Portafirmas (TiSigns): provides reliability to information, documents and identities by means of digital certificates.

    Our team is highly qualified and has extensive experience and knowledge in the health sector. We simplify your systems and solutions through technology in order to improve the quality of service to patients. We work with national and international customers such as SESPAS, Homs and University of Chile Clinical Hospital.

  • TiCares

    With our suite of applications that include TiCares, we simplify your systems and solutions through technology, in order to improve the quality of service to patients..
    With our suite of applications that include TiCares, we simplify your systems and solutions through technology, in order to improve the quality of service to patients.

    Integration and Outsourcing
    Own support centres worldwide and cost-minimising solutions.
    By outsourcing your IT infrastructure you can concentrate on your core business.
    We include a comprehensive package with:

    • Full access to patient information via the web.
    • Functional basic process through intuitive information systems.
    • Operational integration between systems and technologies.

    We provide information systems adapted to hospital pharmacies, radiological imaging, intensive care and telecare. As for integrated systems, TiCares contains a complete package that covers the healthcare cycle consisting of functionally interdependent modules:

    • Patient Administration System (PAS).
    • Clinical Information System (CIS).
    • Departmental Information System (DIS). Other solutions: cancer screening and TiPacs.

  • Civitas

    Civitas is software designed to handle the management of population and the health resources (physical and human) that a community offers to the general public.
    It consists of different modules that are responsible for managing the population (regular, scrolling or transient) and health resources (health centres, doctors, nurses and other members.)One of the modules is the health map that allows you, depending on the address of the member of the public, to automatically assign a health centre and referral hospital. It assigns a unique identifier (CIPA) to each member of the public, an identifier that is stamped on the healthcare card and which also manages it (manufacturing, sending by mail and lost cards)
    Civitas is integrated using XML/HL7 messaging with the National Health System and with the applications used by primary care (OMI-AP, AP-Madrid) and specialist care (HP-HIS, Selene) doctors, as well as with the Municipal Register.
    Its development is performed through Java technology, Oracle DB and is currently implemented in 10 autonomous communities, handling more than 17 million members of the public.

  • MES

    We manage process automation systems through custom global system implementations and development of open systems. We aim for customer autonomy after implementation, designing modular and scalable systems that allow the addition of functionality. We adapt to organisations by integrating the different hardware or software systems, and by having an implementation of high-availability critical systems.

    We offer extensive experience in international roll-outs with a range of activities such as:

    • Consulting and process analysis to achieve a rapid return on investment.
    • Development of global solutions with systems integration, ERPs, PLCs and mobile devices.
    • We include phases in our projects such as analysis, development, integrated testing, training, implementation, warranty and post-implementation support.
    • Solutions focused on different areas and processes with examples such as production planning, monitoring and control of the production line, definition of manufacturing specifications and guidelines and packaging, logistics management systems and control of losses and stoppages.
    • Guidance in the change management phase, including the design and support of a communication plan.

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